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September 30, 2014

Hi lovelies, thanks for coming to visit today! Every time September rolls around I do this tricky balancing act of trying to savor the last bits of summer while looking forward to fall. Fall is hands-down my favorite season, making me dream of apple crisp, hot tea, and cozy knits. It’s also, of course, back to school for kids.

Although I’m not in school anymore, I will admit to stalking the Back to School section at Target and squealing (just a little) over the new notebooks and post-its and pens. Am I the only one who does this? I also might have lost a few minutes sniffing the pumpkin spice candles to find my favorite. Just saying.

Anyway, with a new month almost underway (hello October!), I thought it was high time for a little blog redesign. The blog hasn’t been getting as much loving from me as I’d like, so it was time for a refresh to make things prettier, and therefore more likely to get updated. Because, you know, updates are good.


After a lot of thought I’m also changing the way you see content on The Lovely Little Things. First up, I’ve added a Moments section. Here you’ll find daily posts related to my life. The writing will be more free-form, poetry-esque. I’ve spent the past few months writing like this for myself, and capturing these snapshots is one of my favorite times of day.

Next you’ll find a Recipes section where you can poke around and find some good, (mostly) healthy food to try for yourself. Because the eats are where it’s at.

There’s also a Wellness section where I go beyond good food to explore other ways to achieve a healthy mind and body. We might talk about exercise. We might talk about meditation. It will be awesome.

Of course this site wouldn’t be complete without a Lifestyle section, where we talk about life, family, and relationships. I might even get dressed for you and take some outfit photos.

And on top of actually having categories, one of my favorite features of the new site is that it’s searchable. Click around and see what you can find. And if there’s still something you’d like to see or talk about, I always love to hear from you.

Special thanks to my lovely family for their help in this redesign.  I have some pretty awesome helpers.

Cheers, lovelies. Thanks for stopping by.

xo Tanya

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