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A Sweet, Simple Care Gift

October 1, 2014

Simple Care Gift Ideas

My neighbor across the street got married a few weeks ago, and her friend left the sweetest gift on her front porch. It was a bottle of wine, a bar of chocolate, and candle. It was such a simple, but thoughtful, pick-me-up during a stressful time, and I wanted to share my spin on things.

simple care gift candle tea and popcorn

My version has a bit of fall flair, with a pumpkin spice candle, cinnamon tea, chocolate, and some caramel popcorn. It could very easily be customized for any season or occasion: something to eat, something to drink, and something to light. Some simple gift tags and packing elevate these small treats. This gift basket would be great for so many situations, from a stressed friend to new neighbors, or even someone going through a sad time. You could pull this off without breaking the bank and totally make someone’s day.

Simple Care Gift Ideas for Fall

Theo Chocolate and Popcorn

Wouldn’t you love to receive a gift like this?

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