Baby Playing on the Beach

Hi there, I’m Tanya.  Thanks for stopping by!

I live in Seattle with my husband, Ian, my daughter, Lily, and our dog, cat, and rabbit.  I don’t have a front porch, or any porch at all, but if I did I would invite you over to sit on it in some comfortable gliding chairs.  We’d put our feet up and drink something lusciously crisp and cool in the summer, like a sweating glass of pink lemonade, and something warm and soothing in the winter, like hot cocoa.  We’d sit and watch the world go by, and talk about family, food, and all the lovely little things that make up a good life.  All the lovely little things that are worth celebrating, but that can sometimes get lost in the everyday shuffle.

I don’t have a front porch, but I have this blog.  It’s a place to document the memories and find inspiration.  Come, relax, and stay awhile.

xoxo Tanya