Recipe: Mug Brownie

August 27, 2012

Ian has been in Alaska all week, so I’ve been on baby-duty round the clock.  This weekend I desperately wanted a nap, but Lily only wanted to play.  As is usually the case, Lily won.  My compromise?  A sugar boost from a mug brownie.

Have you ever heard of mug brownies?  Made from pantry staples, these brownies are super easy and quick to make and they satisfy your sweet tooth.  Did I mention, you make them in a mug?  And in a microwave?  Sweet genius.  I suggest you go make one right now.

Recipe from Instructables.


4 Tbs. flour
4 Tbs. sugar
2 Tbs. cocoa powder
2 Tbs. vegetable oil
2 Tbs. water
dash of salt

  1. Add the dry ingredients to the mug and mix.
  2. Add the wet ingredients and mix.  Be sure to mix thoroughly to avoid flour bubbles.
  3. Microwave brownie for about 1 minute.  The brownie should be slightly moist in the center but not move if you tilt the mug.
  4. Eat!

Note: I usually halve the recipe when I don’t want to go too crazy on the sugar.


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