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How to make a smoothie bowl

March 21, 2016

how to make a smoothie bowl

If you’ve taken a peek at my Instagram, it will be no surprise to you that smoothie bowls are kind of my jam.  I absolutely love smoothies for a number of reasons: first, they’re a great way to eat vegetables at breakfast.  I love packing my smoothies with leafy greens, in addition to adding in fruit and other veggies.  Second, with a smoothie bowl you get all the goodness of a smoothie but you also have something to chew on!  For me, this is a huge factor in staying satisfied and making my meal feel filling.  Third, you can mix and match ingredients and toppings to your heart’s delight.  I almost always add a combination of fruit, nuts, seeds, and nut butter on top of the smoothie bowl, as a way to get in extra protein and nutrients.  And most recipes are totally flexible.  No strawberries?  No problem.  Swap them out with another berry for similar results.

Today I wanted to share some easy tips on how to make a smoothie bowl.  There are a ton of great smoothie recipes out in the world, and by following these tips you’ll be on your way to making your own delicious bowls in no time.

how to make a smoothie bowl

1. Use less liquid than a normal smoothie.  This is one of the prime rules of making a smoothie bowl.  In a smoothie bowl, you want the texture of the smoothie base to be thick enough to support those dreamy toppings.  Start by adding  little of your liquid of choice, then add more if you need it.  Some of my favorite liquids are coconut milk and water, nut milks like almond milk and cashew milk, juice, and water.  The overall amount you’ll use depends on the proportion of fresh to frozen ingredients in the recipe.

2. Use a combination of frozen and fresh ingredients.  Frozen fruits and veggies act like ice cubes and help get that thick texture you’re looking for.  I keep huge bags of frozen fruit in my freezer so I always have ingredients on hand.  You can also freeze your greens if you won’t have fresh ones handy.  If I know I won’t be able to eat all my greens before they go bad, I’ll toss them in the freezer to use later.  This is a great way to avoid food waste!

3. Layer the ingredients in your blender.  If you’re using greens, make sure they are the ingredient that’s closest to the blade in order to help them get the most blended.  Then add soft fruits and vegetables, followed by frozen fruits and vegetables as your top layer.  This layering trick allows the most blendable ingredients to get liquified first, so you can use less added liquid overall.

4. Get creative with your ingredients.  Adding spices like cinnamon and vanilla can totally change the flavor of your favorite smoothie – in a good way!

5.  Play with your toppings.  I love adding crunch to my smoothie bowls, and for me that usually means adding granola or chopped nuts.  I also love the taste of nut butters – peanut butter and almond butter being my favorite – so I either drizzle them directly on the smoothie or on top of fresh fruit. Get creative and have fun!

how to make a smoothie bowl

I hope these tips are helpful to you.  Happy blending!

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