Happy Birthday, Ian

November 19, 2014

brownie with birthday candle

Dear Ian,

You know the way I always have terrible luck on my birthdays?  I’m so glad that’s not the case for you.  You always seem to have good things happen on your birthdays – travel adventures and babies being born and buying houses and the like.  It’s a really good thing, because I feel like the way we spend our birthdays sets the tone for the rest of the year, and I want all good things for you.  Certainly not getting stuck in a car during a flash flood and having to pee on a towel.  But, I mean, if that did happen to you, I would totally be there to support you.  I would even try to find you an empty soda bottle, instead of that ratty towel.  Erm.  Anyway.

This year’s birthday won’t have any life-changing milestone moments, I think, but something quieter seems the right tone.  I’m putting a little birthday love out there on the internet for you, so hopefully you can feel how much happiness there is for you.  So you can feel how much you mean to me and our daughter and everyone you meet.  This has been a great year for you and I can’t wait to share this next year with you, too.

Wishing you all the happiness today, my love.  Hip, hip, hooray!

xo Tanya

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