Getting the band back together

January 20, 2014


So, after a very long time of radio silence, I think it’s high time I got the band back together.  And by band I mean this blog.  Me, you, some words, and some pictures.  What do you say?

There have been quite a few new developments since my last post (a move to Seattle and buying a new house within a year of that move) so let’s start with a clean slate in 2014.  I want to come back to the reason I started this blog and document the lovely little things in my life.  I’ll talk about home organizing and decorating, since that will be a major theme of this upcoming year, and I would like to have a big focus on food and recipes.  I’m hoping to make a virtual cookbook of all my favorite recipes so one day, when my daughter is old enough to cook, she has the answer to, “What should I eat?”  Also, I’m making it a goal to do more exploring in my new city, so I’ll share my favorite places to visit.   I’m trying to do more active and creative things this year, so I’m hoping to post some projects on here.  Overall, I’d like to get back to more “doing” in my life, and a little less hibernating.  It’s so tempting in the gray Seattle winter to curl up and do nothing, and while there are plenty of days for that, I’d like to stretch a little this year.  Are you in?

xo Tanya

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