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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Experiences

December 12, 2014

Hi friends!  I know I’ve been sharing a bunch of gift guides this week, but I’m also a fan of reducing the physical things in your life in exchange for having more experiences.  Some of my favorite moments of my life have been when I am fully engaged in the act of doing something: travel, cooking, learning, reading.  Giving someone an experience-based gift is a fantastic way to build lasting memories for them, and I highly encourage it.  Here is a mix of some inspiring experiences.

2014 holiday gift guide experiences

A class for something she’s always wanted to learn: Pottery, Making Chocolates, Photoshop, Flower Arranging, etc.

A romantic trip to your favorite city.  Paris, anyone?

A girl’s night at a molten chocolate cake restaurant (with boozy milkshakes!) to get silly and indulge.

A spa day, because this classic is always a welcome treat.

A gorgeous photo shoot, to capture this moment in time.

A cookie crawl through the Big City.

Photo credit: Ian Grant Photography, Studio Choo, Hot Cakes

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