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The Best Way to Sneak In Exercise While Traveling

October 15, 2014


One of the things that always makes me feel my best is a good workout session.  It clears my head, boosts my mood, and wakes me up.  The days when I don’t get to exercise?  They’re usually not my happiest days.

Knowing this, I’ve tried to my exercise a priority in my day.  I plan around it – working out on my lunch hour or waking up early to get in a run, if I need to.  The one time it’s harder to control things, however, is when I’m traveling.

Between jet lag, business dinners, and the timing of conferences or meetings, I don’t always have the perfect amount of time to work out.  Want to know my favorite trick for sneaking in more exercise?

I wear my sneakers to the airport.

shoes and suitcase

I may not win any fashion awards, but when I wear my sneakers, I walk more.  Imagine that!  Airports are a great place to walk around and people watch.  I almost always have at least thirty minutes to spare before boarding, which can turn into almost two miles.

Stretching your legs before flying gets the blood circulating, which is a great thing.  Even better, taking a stroll lets you find the best options for healthy, tasty food.  So grab that roller bag and work it.  After all, there’s plenty of time to sit when you’re on the plane.

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