Stovetop S’mores

August 13, 2012

This week, it has been incredibly hot in Los Angeles, making it the perfect beach weather.  Last Friday one of our friends came up from San Diego, and we planned to have a bonfire on the beach.  I had grand visions of roasted hot dogs for dinner and s’mores for dessert.  Sadly, about eight hundred other people had the same idea, so by the time we made it to the beach, all of the fire pits were taken.

Instead of hot dogs, we opted for Italian food for dinner.  It was a nice meal, but I still had a hankering for s’mores for dessert.  The solution?  Stove top s’mores.

I was momentarily embarrassed by the condition of my stovetop, but this was quickly overridden by the promise of toasted marsmallow-y, chocolatey goodness.  Oh the sugary indulgence!  S’mores were assembled on cinnamon graham crackers and eaten with joy.  Thank you, summer!



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  • Reply Miguel November 18, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    Wow 236!!! I took 158 yesterday of Lily and thohgut I went I guess we just can’t help it when we have two beautiful Lily’s in our lives. You guys look great and Lily is just a little doll

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