Window Shopping

October 24, 2014

A free afternoon and the California highway under my spinning wheels, fresh squeezed sunlight and blue skies.  The hotel concierge points me toward an outdoor shopping center and when I get there it’s just like any other shopping center, but it’s all mine to explore.  Windows dressed for autum, pumpkins and leaves and high-heeled boots.

So I shop.  Cotton and leather and lace.  Flowers and stripes and plaid.

Trying on clothes

I try on clothes that I won’t buy just to see myself dressed as someone else.  The girl in the mirror smiles, her eyelids traced in gold.

But back in the hotel room, I wash my makeup off.  Call my family, who likes this face as it is, laugh lines and wrinkles and all.  My daughter takes the phone and spins me in circles.  My husband blows me a kiss and I am in love.

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