Mercury in Retrograde

October 7, 2014

speed limit sign in the fog

My friend tells me that Mercury’s in Retrograde and I ask how she knows.  My grandmother, she says simply, and I think of her family even though I have never met them, passing traditions and babies, hand to hand.

My friend digs up my horoscope, sends me a video.  I spend twenty minutes watching an astrologer tell me about October, how Mercury in Retrograde will send the beginning of the month into a tailspin, how the eighth will be a tough day and how things will get better on the twenty-third.  It’s a passing interest, mostly.  An observer listening through the door to a sermon about a god she doesn’t believe in.

But that night I sit on the front stoop, shoulder to shoulder with my husband to open the mail.  Out falls my first speeding ticket ever.  Twenty-six miles per hour, or so they claim.  And I’m wondering, maybe, if there’s some truth to this after all.  If I should be paying closer attention to the movement of stars.

Change isn’t always a bad thing, my friend says.  You have to roll with the waves, even when it’s tough.  Things will clear up.  

I picture her, three states away, her hands on the keyboard, typing a message into the ether.  She is smiling, I feel.

Know whatever change is coming is the one you need.  You have to be willing to let it in.

I close my eyes and try to listen.  Let things grow quiet, open my heart.

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