Weekend Mornings

November 3, 2014

Saturday mornings in bed

Quite possibly the best thing about weekend mornings is how we bring our daughter to bed with us so we can all sleep for an extra hour.  Sometimes I will wake early and go for a run, the autumn morning spread out before me with all these blazing colors.  And I’ll come home to find her, there in the bed, a shy smile spreading, toys in hand.

“I just went for a run,” Barbie tells Baa Baa the Sheep.

“How was it?” Baa Baa asks.

“It was good.  Now I’m sweaty.  I need a shower.  Whew!”

And she will throw her Barbie into the shower with me, so I can wash Barbie’s hair.  Then we’ll stand there, getting ready.  Brushing my hair, brushing Barbie’s hair, until my daughter declares we are done.  It’s time for oatmeal.  Mine with caramelized bananas, hers with raspberry jam.

autumn morning breakfast

It goes, it goes.  The world clicking on, one turn at a time.  Darker now.  Light again, soon.

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