The Party

November 24, 2014

kids at a party

It is the kind of party so good you forget to take pictures, one with your house full of friends and laughter and kids underfoot.  The kind of party where everyone gathers around the kitchen island to eat slices of pizza and handfuls of popcorn, where you pour homemade Italian sodas and red wine.  Where everyone talks to everyone else and the room grows so noisy that after Happy Birthday is sung and the cake is eaten, your daughter asks to go to her room to lay down.  It is a good party, a good day.  Later she will tell you that her favorite part of the day was the singing; she will bury her face in your shoulder and smile.

And after your guests are gone and the house feels too strangely silent, you will fold up the extra table and all the extra chairs.  Let the dog run around the kitchen, cleaning the floors.  But for at least one more day you will let the decorations stay – the tiny flags and the waving streamers.  Soon it will be Thanksgiving snowballing into Christmas and Hanukkah and New Year’s.  It begins today.  The season for celebrations is here.

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