Christmas Morning

December 26, 2014

You convince her to stay in bed until 8 am, when at last the wiggling gets to be too much and you say, Yes, let’s go see what Santa brought.

You sneak out of the room a few steps before her, to make sure the pets haven’t knocked over the display you set up.  The coast is clear so you call up the stairs, Come and see!

She bounds down the stairs, your husband right behind her, and you watch her face as she sees the extra gifts.  What’s this?  she says.

Let’s find out.

And you spend the morning unwrapping presents.  Slowly, enjoying each one.  There are warm mugs of lemon water and tea.  There are slow dances with your husband on the living room floor. There is a spin and a dip.  There is your girl, running over to see.  She grabs the two of you and sways along in your dance, an arm around each of your legs.


This video pretty much sums up all the magic that is Christmas for a three year-old.  Hope you enjoy.


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  • Reply Jaana December 28, 2014 at 9:32 pm

    Her moves are awesome!

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