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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: For Him

December 11, 2014

No lie, it’s really hard for me to shop for the men in my life.  My husband loves to research things, and when he finds something he likes, he just buys it for himself.  It gets frustrating at times, but this holiday season I’ve been super excited to brainstorm ideas.  I’m pretty proud that I actually came up with some fun gifts.  Now the trouble is keeping him from buying any of these finds before I can get to them…

2014 holiday gift guide for him

1. A sous vide immersion circulator, to help him cook the perfect steak.

2. His dream guitar, because he has perfect pitch.

3. A running jacket to keep him warm on his daily runs.

4. Stylish socks  since his feet are always cold.

5. Beer of the Month Club, so he can try new brews year-round.

2014 holiday gift guide for him

1. An assortment of Sharpies to encourage his hilarious doodles.

2. A waffle maker to start a new weekend tradition.

3. A camera strap to brighten up his work gear.

4. A gorgeous throw blanket for his favorite movie nights.

5. Fancy face wash, because he is secretly a skin care junkie.


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