This Love

January 21, 2015

frozen yogurt date

The night before I leave again we make a whole thing of celebrating each other.  This season, this life, this love.  We go out for pizza and then frozen yogurt, our daughter’s eyes wide as she looks at the toppings bar.  Judiciously she chooses two cherries and some strawberries and chewy pink boba.  Bites into her yogurt and smiles.  And then, after, we head to the play gym where we bounce on trampolines and climb giant staircases and build forts.  We are together, all buzzing with sugar and energy.  Please, please let me remember them like this always – heads thrown back in laughter, arms reaching for each other, for the sky.

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  • Reply Dennis Grant January 22, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    You’ll remember all of it….

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