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2014 Holiday Postcard Revealed

December 16, 2014

Um, guys.  You know how I said that my family tries to outdo our holiday postcard each year?  Well, this year I mayyy have gone a little overboard and sustained an honest-to-goodness injury in the photography process.  And by that I mean I strained my jaw.  Like, seriously, had to go to the doctor, file it under the “most-embarrassing injuries” category, strained my jaw.

Perhaps the best part was when I called the doctor and they said, “You did this how?  It was a photography session?” and I tried to explain that yes, it’s not your standard smiley picture.  I was pretending to yell so much that I hurt myself.  For real.  And sadly, I’m so tiny in the final photo that you barely see all my effort.  Ha.

Anyway, without further ado I present to you the most legit injury-inducing holiday postcard yet (I feel like I need some musical introduction here.  Da da daaaaa…)

alien holiday postcard

holiday postcard back

Yeah.  Soak it all in.  All that 80’s Aliens, Lily-as-Newt-with-creepy-doll glory.  All the credit goes to my awesome-sauce husband with mad Photoshop skills.  Totally worth the injury, friends.  Happy early holidays to you and yours.

xo Tanya

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