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Letting Kids Pick Their Own Artwork

November 11, 2014

artwork in kids room

Back in the day when my daughter was a wiggly baby (as opposed to a wiggly toddler), we used a handy trick to keep her in place on her changing table. We put some interesting artwork in her line of sight so she’d focus on that, instead of, say, rolling off the table.

One of the art pieces we hung was a magazine cutout of a crazy-looking owl. I framed it in an old frame I had handy. Voila! Cheap art. Lily loved it, and named the owl Frank.

artwork in kids room

When we moved into our new home, Lily’s beloved Frank the Owl picture needed a new home. It didn’t quite fit into her gallery wall, so we asked Lily where she wanted to hang it. She pointed to a low spot on her wall, where she could view the picture from her princess tent. Frank the Owl received the occasional high five and plenty of laughs.

Recently, I picked up an art print at a craft fair. I framed it and had it sitting in my office while I decided where to place it. My daughter walked in, picked up the picture, and asked that we hang it in her room, next to Frank the Owl. Ok, then, lady.

artwork in kids room

Now Lily has quite the collection, including a postcard of a surprised cat. She also has a picture of my husband and me hanging on her headboard, next to a photograph of a snowy mountain, both of which she picked. I love that she is so opinionated about her artwork. What do you think? Would you let your kids pick their own artwork?

xo Tanya

artwork in kids room

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