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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids

December 10, 2014

While I look forward to the holidays every year, ever since my daughter was born the season seems just a bit more magical.  There are beautiful lights to see, hot chocolate to drink, and songs to sing (over and over and over).  Everything is more fun when seen through the eyes of a three year-old, and I’m so excited to share this year’s festivities with Lily, who can finally appreciate them.

Part of the joy of the holidays is seeing your child’s face light up when she opens a gift that celebrates exactly who she is.  There are a lot of wonderful activities you can do that don’t cost a thing, but a little special something helps her remember the holidays long after they’re gone.    Here are my favorite goodies for the little ones in your life.

2014 holiday gift guide for girls

For Girls

1. Rain boots so the two of you can match when you splash around at your favorite creek.

2. A cheerful dress, because she won’t wear anything that doesn’t have a skirt.

3. Snazzy temporary tattoos to celebrate her love of popsicles.

4. Her first digital camera, to help her document the world.

5. A drawing and art set, because she would lose her mind over all the colors.

2014 holiday gift guide for boys

For Boys

1. A new set of pajamas.  Because plaid.  And polar bears.

2. A rocket launcher.  Just, yes.

3. A dinosaur floor puzzle, so he can take over the room.

4. An awesome bike, so he can be just like Dad.

5. The cutest owl luggage, for his plane ride to see Grandma.

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